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CNBC Anchors and Reports

CNBC star bios, and other news personalities

Jim Cramer

Most famous stock-picker of all time. Born Feb. 10, 1955, in Wyndmoor, Pa. Magna cum laude, Harvard, 1977, a "government major." J.D., Harvard, 1984. Wrote for Tallahassee News Democrat and L.A. Herald Examiner, helped launch American Lawyer magazine. Joined Goldman Sachs; in 1987 formed hedge fund, Cramer & Co., which operated out of offices of Michael Steinhardt. Later co-founded Co-hosted "Kudlow & Cramer" before launching "Mad Money," March 2005. Hailed for recall of company facts and ticker symbols, plus sense of humor; accused by Barron's and Henry Blodget of delivering subpar returns for those who follow advice. Married Karen Backfisch, a trader in Steinhardt's firm, in 1988. Couple sold New Jersey home and bought new one in 1999 after zoning board rejected plan to convert driveway to yard, per Howard Kurtz. Credits CNBCers Kyle Remaly, Keith Greenwood, Bryan Russo, Laura Koski, Kat Ricker, George Manessis, Heather Butler, Chris Schwartz, Candy "Props" Cheng, Kate Welsh, Jackie Fabozzi, Tim Dewald, Kareem Bynes, Justin Johansky, Henry Fraga, Brian Steel, Jen Dauble, Tom Clendenin, Steve Smith, Aisha Royall, Erin Burnett and Regina Gilgan in Getting Back to Even. (Jim Cramer Twitter.)

Maria Bartiromo

World's preeminent TV financial journalist. Born Sept. 11, 1967, in Brooklyn's Bay Ridge neighborhood (setting of "Saturday Night Fever"), daughter ofVincent and Josephine Bartiromo. Attended Fontbonne Hall Academy, an all-girls Catholic high school in Brooklyn. B.A. in journalism, minor in economics, NYU. Spent five years as assignment editor, producer with CNN business news before joining CNBC in 1993. Known for CEO interviews, tireless reporting and several scoops, notably off-the-record comments from Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke in 2007. Openly lamented murder of Gianni Versace during live report from trading floor in 1997. In January 2007 filed to trademark the name "Money Honey." Married June 1999 to investor Jonathan Steinberg, a founder of Wisdom Tree investments and son of Saul Steinberg. Per N.Y. Post, is represented by P.R. guru Ken Sunshine. Brought Chicago charity crowd to tears with story of mother afflicted by second-hand smoke surviving lung cancer. Waist measured at NYSE by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Feb. 7, 2011, 34 inches with "equipment on," told Oz she is 5-5.Among favorite media figures of Obama economic adviser Austan Goolsbee. Induction toCable Hall of Fame, June 14, 2011, Chicago. Criticized by Charles Gasparino, March 21, 2011, for letting Meredith Whitney "off the hook" in "press release" interview.

Charles Gasparino

Toughest reporter on the Street, legendary ex-CNBCer, now The Franchise at Fox Business. Born in the Bronx, grew up in Westchester County; father a Marine, union iron lather who worked on World Trade Center. Graduate of Yorktown High School, Yorktown Heights, N.Y., 1980. B.A., Pace University (N.Y.), 1985. Master's in journalism, Missouri, 1989. Spoke of being dishwasher at Silver Moon restaurant in Yorktown Heights. Had stints at Dallas Morning News, Newsday, Tampa Tribune, The Bond Buyer, Bond World. Wrote for Wall Street Journal from 1995-2004 before joining Newsweek, then CNBC as "on-air editor." Former amateur boxer. Gets $15 haircuts at Yan and Son. Favorite restaurant said to be Elaine's of Manhattan. Combative on-air, famously interrupted/cut off on "Fast Money" after referring to President Obama as former "community organizer," then "borderline socialist." Sense of humor can be off the charts, says he likes "crazy" things about him on Dealbreaker. Author of The Sellout, a detailed chronicle of Lehman/Bear/Wall Street implosion. Last appeared on CNBC December 2009; officially bolted for FBN February 2010 for reported $1 million-plus. Married to Virginia Juliano,director of online marketing for Showtime cable channel who has MBA (2004) from NYU. Lives in Stuyvesant Town. (Charles Gasparino Twitter.)

Amanda Drury

Goddess of TV/Internet fascination; possibly the sexiest woman in history of business television. Born in Australia. Attended MLC (Methodist Ladies College), suburban Melbourne, 1990, "1st school in the world to introduce laptop computers for all students from Year 5–12." Bachelor's in Fine Arts, French, Japanese from University of Melbourne, 1994. Attended Australian Film, Television and Radio School. Began career in Japan working in international relations. Worked for Bloomberg TV/radio in Japan. Joined CNBC Asia Pacific in 2001 as anchor of "Market Watch" (2001-02 and 2004-07) and "Business Centre Australia." Also anchored "Asia Squawk Box" and "CNBC's Cash Flow." Relocated to CNBC U.S. team, Englewood Cliffs, N.J., May 10, 2010. Emcee of events including GE International annual conference. Emceed black-tie Platts Global Energy Awards at Cipriani Wall Street, December 2010. Guest-hosts on "The Call," "Power Lunch," "Street Signs" and "Closing Bell." Noted for Australian accent. Husband, 2 children. (Amanda Drury Wikipedia.)

Larry Kudlow

Born Aug. 20, 1947, grew up in Englewood, N.J. Graduate of University of Rochester (N.Y.), 1969, History major. Studied politics and economics at Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School but (per Wikipedia) left before earning a degree. Began as economist at Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Worked in Reagan administration. Chief economist at Bear Stearns until 1995. Specializes in spirited, high-level economic debates, if forgoing explanations to less-educated viewers. Among best in allowing guests equal time. Publicly acknowledged addiction battle. CNBC shows have evolved from "Kudlow & Cramer" to "Kudlow & Company" to present "The Kudlow Report." Opted against bid for Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) Senate seat in 2010. Avid golfer. Married in 1986 to Judith Pond Kudlow, prominent New York City painter whose "method is based on the 19th century academic tradition which emphasizes working from life to produce paintings based on precise drawing, careful modeling to produce the 3-dimensional illusion, harmonious and accurate colors and values, and compositions based on time-honored rules. (Larry Kudlow blog.)

Mark Haines

Giant of CNBC, legendary "Squawk Box" anchor, died Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at home in Marlboro, N.J., cause of death unreleased. Born April 19, 1946; grew up in Oyster Bay, N.Y. Graduate of Denison University (Granville, Ohio), 1969; law degree, Penn, 1989. Wife, Cindy; 2 children, Matthew (a star lacrosse player) and Meredith. Reaction from colleagues and Wall Street at home; private 2-hour memorial service was held June 4, 2011, at Rannon School, New Jersey.

Karen Finerman

The Chairwoman of "Fast Money," financial pioneer, generous donor to charities. Born Feb. 25, 1965. Grew up in Southern California; B.S. in economics from Wharton, 1987. Traded for First City Capital, joined risk arbitrage at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette. Co-founded Metropolitan Capital Advisors in 1992. One of the first women to run a hedge fund, reportedly earns $5 million a year, worth $100 million, according to Guardian. Very active in Parkinson's research, on board of Michael J. Fox Foundation; with husband, "fairly active politically." Replaced Eric Bolling as panelist on "Fast Money." Known for balance sheet scrutiny, M&A arbitrage, value investing, sense of humor. Described as "brilliant" by former colleague Jeff Macke and "gorgeous" by former colleague Dylan Ratigan. Married to Lawrence Golub, A.B., economics, Harvard, 1980; MBA & J.D., Harvard, 1984, money manager and friend of Eliot Spitzer, ("tall, dark-haired, smart-dressing executive.") Metropolitan Capital hired Spitzer's wife, Silda Wall Spitzer,October 2008. Live on Upper East Side, made large gift to Harvard Stem Cell Institute in 2006, also $500,000 to New York Stem Cell Foundation in 2011 to establish Golub Stem Cell Initiative for Parkinson's disease. Two sets of twins. Karen is sister of Hollywood producerWendy Finerman.

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera

CNBC's purest conservative. Daughter of Kenneth and Maria Caruso.Grandfather emigrated from Cuba, pitched her writing as 17-year-old to Miami Herald, which hired her in Broward County. Bachelor's in economics, Wellesley College (also attended by Hillary Rodham Clinton, Elisabeth Shue, Madeleine Albright, Ali MacGraw and Diane Sawyer), 1991. Began career as stringer for New York Times. Went on to Univision, then WTSP-TV in Florida before joining CNBC. Staunch defender of free-market capitalism. Board member of Ballet Folklorico of New York City. National Association of Hispanic Journalists Broadcast Journalist of the Year, 2004. Co-hosted "Worldwide Exchange," now regular on "Power Lunch." Has spoken of being part Italian. Said of social networking, on-air, "I do not do Facebook, no. I have a profile but I never go to it." On Friday, March 19, 2010, during "Power Lunch" discussion of "How to Train Your Dragon," said "Sounds like my ex-husband might say that." Said Aug. 12, 2011, on "Squawk Box" she was "not even pregnant." Popular with viewers for smooth camera presence, free-market views, beauty, smile, figure.

Jane Wells

World's hippest TV business reporter. Born March 31, 1961 (per Wikipedia), Los Angeles County. Graduated with honors from USC with bachelor's degrees in broadcast journalism and philosophy. Worked for TV stations in L.A., Miami and Albuquerque, also Fox News Channel, before joining CNBC in 1996. Often handles entertainment and California industry (defense, wine, farming) issues. Married, two children. Moderator for CFA Society of San Diego's 2010 Annual Forecast Dinner, March 2010. Best CNBC field reporter at communicating smoothly with studio host. Known for sense of humor, beauty, ability to glide between serious news and light, amusing stories. (Jane Wells Twitter.)

Erin Burnett

It Girl of television for years; extraordinarily gifted host, jumped to CNN April 2011. Born in Mardela Springs, Md. Graduate (1994) of St. Andrew's boarding school, Middletown, Del. B.A. in political economy, Williams College (also attended by former President James A. Garfield, George Steinbrenner, Stephen Sondheim, Elia Kazan, John Frankenheimer, Mika Brzezinski, Bethany McLean, Gordon Clapp, Max Gail, Steve Case and Edgar Bronfman) in Williamstown, Mass. Played lacrosse, field hockey; second-team all-conference. Began career in 1998 in Goldman Sachs investment banking. Moved to CNN as business writer and show booker. Became vice president at Citigroup, then joined Bloomberg Television before CNBC. Known for natural beauty, everyday persona, bright and eye-catching clothing; a crossover star who does well on "Today" show. Remarkable on-air ease with any subject. Subject of infamous on-air flirt remarks from MSNBC host Chris Matthews. Single. CNN announced April 29, 2011, it hired her from CNBC, which she joined in 2005. Saluted by co-host Mark Haines in teary farewell, May 6, 2011.

Jon Fortt

CNBC Silicon Valley correspondent, replacing Jim Goldman. Attended Montgomery Blair High School. B.A., English, DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind. (also attended by Dan Quayle, Eli Lilly, Vernon Jordan Jr., Bret Baier, Patricia Ireland, Ford Frick, Mary Meeker, Bill Rasmussen), 1998. Wrote for San Jose Mercury News, Business 2.0 and Fortune before joining CNBC in July 2010. Shaved head, chiseled physique served as Mercury News model for Oscar statue illustration. (Jon Fortt Twitter.)

Melissa Lee

CNBC host of "Fast Money," "Options Action," "Money in Motion Currency Trading," co-host of "Squawk on the Street," pioneering Asian-American journalist. Father's parents emigrated from southern China to run laundromat in Buffalo; mother's family emigrated from Hong Kong. Grew up in Great Neck, N.Y.; received B.A., government, with honors, Harvard, 1995. Says "When I entered Harvard, I thought I would be a doctor ... I loved calculus in high school ... I think Harvard is an amazing place," gives it A-minus grade in teaching her about government. Father, brother attended Columbia; sister went to Barnard. Paid $25 an article covering Board of Education meetings for Great Neck Record. Dealt with layoffs at Mercer Management Consulting in Boston. Took "entry level job as a production assistant" at CNNfn, found "Wild West of opportunities" at Bloomberg, enlisted agent for jump to CNBC in 2004, laments 10% agent fee. Claims to be "agnostic" on politics; interrupted Charles Gasparino's "borderline socialist" commentary about Barack Obama. Calls Scott Wapner a "super-capable anchor," says "I think David Faber's book is fantastic" and Andrew Ross Sorkin did a "very fine book." Lives on East Side of Manhattan, has 30-35-minute commute to Englewood Cliffs. Single

David Faber

Born March 10, 1964. Grew up in Forest Hills, Queens. Bachelor's in English, cum laude, 1985, from Tufts University (Medford/Somerville, Mass., also attended by Meredith Vieira, William Hurt, Jessica Biel and Andrew & Lea Weingarten Fastow). Spent seven years at Institutional Investor covering corporate finance and global equity markets. Joined CNBC in 1993. Has broken numerous scoops, including fall of Long Term Capital Management and WorldCom. Winner of Emmy, Peabody and DuPont awards for reporting excellence and impressive "long-form" documentaries. Nicknamed "The Brain" by colleague Mark Haines. Married Jan. 16, 2000, toJenny Harris (Cornell 1991), who was a producer at CNNfn and daughter of entertainment lawyer/producer Jay Harris and soap opera actress Marie Masters, played daughter Emily of Masters' character Dr. Susan Stewart from 1975-79 on "As the World Turns." Couple met at National Association of Financial Writers event, per Kurtz. Two children. (David Faber Twitter.)

Guy Adami

The Negotiator, and frontman, of "Fast Money." Born Dec. 18, 1963. Graduate of Croton-Harmon High School, N.Y., 1982, football captain (wide receiver and safety). One of five children of Nancy C. and Guy M. Adami. Attended Georgetown University, Class of 1986. Started at Drexel Burnham Lambert in 1986. Was head gold trader. Later worked for AIG International. Joined Goldman Sachs in 1996 as head gold trader, moved to CIBC, where he was executive director. Joined "Fast Money" while at CIBC; in August 2008 joined CNBC colleagues Jon and Pete Najarian's optionMonster group in a division called Drakon Capital. Says he is half-Sicilian, half-Italian. Huge fan of actress Marisa Tomei. Low-key, highly respected trader. Last original "Fast Money" member still on the show. Married, wife Linda a medical researcher for Merck; three children. Lives in New Jersey. Has donated to Children's Aid Society and Hospice Care Network; raised $400 for the Delbarton School, Morristown, N.J., by auctioning off a 4-person visit to the "Fast Money" set followed by dinner at the Bar Room in The Modern, November 2009. (Guy Adami Twitter.)

Pete Najarian

Options king, Pit Boss of "Fast Money." Born Dec. 22, 1963, San Francisco, son of Dr. John Najarian. Three brothers, including Jon (not a twin). Father was a celebrated college football player at Cal-Berkeley and decorated, pioneering transplant surgeon at University of Minnesota Department of Surgery. Pete is graduate of the University of Minnesota, cum laude, degree in genetic engineering. Played linebacker for Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Minnesota Vikings. 6-2, 233 (as NFL player). Also played for Toronto Argonauts of Canadian Football League. A top five state hurdler in high school in Minnesota. With brother Jon took up options trading in 1992 at Mercury Trading and helped execute its sale to Citadel in 2004. Was an official of the CBOE. Celebrated trader of options strategies. Possesses deep knowledge of promising medical treatments as well as pharmaceutical stocks. Wakes up at 4:30 each morning. Known for long ponytail, occasionally wearing shorts or flip-flops to "Fast Money" set, hyperbole including terms like "absolutely phenomenal." Married, wife Lisa. Proudly speaks of Armenian heritage. (Pete Najarian Twitter.)

Jon Najarian

Born 1957. Son of famous doctor; oldest of four brothers (David, Paul, Pete). Graduate of Central High in Minneapolis (also attended by Prince). Enrolled at five colleges, including Cal-Berkeley and Cornell, in search of pro football career; ultimately joined brother Dave at Gustavus Adolphus (St. Peter, Minn., also attended by jazz singer Kurt Elling and actor Peter Krause); has degree in art history and design, aspired to be architect after football. A linebacker, signed with Chicago Bears for 1981 training camp while Mike Singletary held out. Wrote of being nicknamed"Elvis" by Walter Payton. Told agent Dick Lurie he wanted to be a stockbroker; agent set him up trading options at CBOE instead. Has spent 25 years in option trading pits. Founded Mercury Trading in 1989, sold to Citadel in 2004. Nickname "Dr. J," CBOE floor badge is DRJ. Extremely well-spoken, often presents options and stock activity and strategies in easily understood layman terms. Owns home in Chicago. Wife Brigid; couple donated to Chicago Children's Museum. Has written of being big fan of movie "Wall Street," hosting Oscar parties, sometimes with red carpet. (Jon Najarian Twitter.)

Tim Seymour

The Ambassador of "Fast Money." Grew up in Scarsdale, N.Y., jokingly speaks of "mean streets." Holds BSBA in marketing/theology from Georgetown, 1988, and MBA in international fixed income from Fordham. Worked at a hedge fund group at UBS, completing MBA training in capital markets. Worked for Morgan Stanley, then Union Bank of Switzerland in New York, then became partner and managing director at Troika Dialog, largest independent investment bank in Russia. Was a managing partner at Red Star Asset Management, then founder and managing partner of Seygem Asset Management and founder of Emerging Money. Extensive knowledge of not only financial but political activities in other countries. Per FEC, contributed to John Kerrycampaign in 2003 and 2004. Said he's never been union member. Once reported using "a lot" of hair gel. Has implied he is Italian. Married, wife Leah. Said March 30, 2011, he's owner of WXOU Radio Bar in New York. Part-time drummer. Member of Board of Advisors of Georgetown University Wall Street Alliance. (Tim Seymour Twitter.)

Zachary Karabell

CNBC contributor, regular pundit on "Fast Money" and "The Kudlow Report"; prolific author, China-watcher, highly regarded expert in the international community. B.A. in History, Columbia, Ph.D., Harvard (1996), also holds M. Phil in Modern Middle East Studies from Oxford. Has taught at Harvard, Dartmouth. Previously chief economist and executive at Fred Alger Management, now president of River Twice Research. Also a senior adviser for Business for Social Responsibility, member of the Council on Foreign Relations, board member of World Policy Institute and New America Foundation. Designated "Global Leader for Tomorrow" by World Economic Forum, 2003. Book subjects include 1948 U.S. presidential election, President Chester A. Arthur, What's College For, Muslim-Jewish-Christian coexistence, and most recently, Superfusion of Chinese-American economics. Known for intellectual humor, calm stock-market and economics commentary. Married to Nicole Alger, two sons, lives in New York. (Zachary Karabell blog.)

Ekta Batra

CNBC TV18 India stunner, research analyst, seen on Worldwide Exchange. From Mumbai. B.S., Integrated Marketing Communications, 2007, Ithaca College, Ithaca, N.Y. (also attended by Rod Serling, Bob Iger, Jessica Savitch and Karl Ravech), named one of American Advertising Federation's"Most Promising Minority Students 2007." M.Sc., Business Management, Warwick Business School (U.K.), 2008; wrote testimonial promoting school. Spent 4 months working for Merrill Lynch, joined CNBC TV18 India, November 2008.

Becky Quick

Pregnant per N.Y. Post, July 2011; delivered Kyle Nathaniel Quayle Sunday, Aug. 14, 2011. CNBC Warren Buffett correspondent, popular face of "Squawk Box." Born July 18, 1972. Originally from Indiana; lived in Oklahoma and Texas. Received Bachelor of Arts in political science from Rutgers, 1993; editor in chief of campus newspaper. Spent seven years at the Wall Street Journal, including its online division, before joining CNBC in 2001. Pro-consumer in her questions and commentary on "Squawk Box." Married in 2008 CNBC's Matthew Quayle, described by Howard Kurtz in The Fortune Tellers as aggressive "Squawk Box" producer. (Becky Quick Twitter.)

Joe Kernen

Born 1956. Grew up in Cincinnati. Bachelor's, University of Colorado-Boulder (1978), in molecular, cellular and developmental biology, and a master's in molecular biology from MIT. Was a stockbroker for 10 years, trained at Merrill, then was VP at EF Hutton and Smith Barney. Joined Financial News Network; came to CNBC in 1991 merger. Often describes state of the markets, politics, world, in questions to guests. Married Penelope Scott, a former commodities trader who joined CNBC and has been "Squawk Box" producer, in 1998on the 18th tee of the Four Seasons Kona Hualalai golf course, golfing morning of wedding and day after. Couple shoots in high 80s; wife sometimes wins.

Nicole Lapin

U.S. anchor, CNBC "Worldwide Exchange." Born March 7, 1984, Los Angeles; mother said to be former Miss Israel. Entered Harvard at 15, transferred to Columbia, then UCLA; studied at L'Institut d'√Čtudes Politique in Paris, valedictorian of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, 2005. Worked at CBS stations in Palm Springs, Calif., Lexington, Ky., and Sioux Falls, S.D., also as reporter for First Business Network at Chicago exchanges. Joined CNN at 22, celebrated as network's youngest or one of youngest anchors. Joined CNBC in January 2010. Vegetarian. Single, announced relationship with New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter on June 13, 2011. (Nicole Lapin Twitter.)

Herb Greenberg

CNBC Senior Stocks Commentator; longtime investigator of corporate troubles and skeptic of high-flying stocks. Bachelor's in journalism, University of Miami. Has written for Crain's Chicago Business, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Amusement Business, Boca Raton News, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Wall Street Journal and Fortune. Joined MarketWatch after six years at Stopped appearing on CNBC after leaving MarketWatch on May 1, 2008, to establish "independent research boutique" with Debbie Meritz, called GreenbergMeritz Research & Analytics, that supplied high-net-worth clients with short-side research. Rejoined CNBC, spring 2010. (Herb Greenberg Twitter.)

John Harwood

Born in Louisville, Ky., 1956, and grew up in Maryland's D.C. suburbs. Father, Richard Harwood, was political reporter for the Washington Post. Graduated magna cum laude, Duke, 1978, history and economics. Wrote for St. Petersburg Times and taught at Harvard before joining Wall Street Journal in 1991. Promoted to Journal's chief political editor in 1997. Joined New York Times in a part-time role as political writer on Dec. 24, 2007. Has been CNBC's chief Washington correspondent since March 2006. Taped last "Meet the Press" interview before Tim Russert's death. Married Frankie Blackburn, named one of Montgomery County’s 25 Outstanding Women in Business," 3 children. Among favorite media figures of Obama economic adviser Austan Goolsbee, who says, "I like the team of John Harwood, Steve Liesman and Maria Bartiromo quite a lot."

Steve Liesman

CNBC chief Fed observer. Born in Bronxville, N.Y. Holds B.A. in English from SUNY-Buffalo and master's of science from Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism. Was a business reporter from 1987-92 at Sarasota Herald-Tribune and St. Petersburg Times, then became business editor of The Moscow Times. He joined the Wall Street Journal, covering energy and later becoming WSJ Moscow bureau chief. Known for high level of accuracy in analysis/prediction of Federal Reserve moves. Among favorite media figures of Obama economic adviser Austan Goolsbee,who says, "I like the team of John Harwood, Steve Liesman and Maria Bartiromo quite a lot."

Mary Thompson

Prettiest hair on cable television. B.A. in English from Notre Dame, 1985, M.S. in journalism from Columbia. Spent four years at Fidelity investments in sales positions. Worked for Bloomberg radio and television for eight years before joining CNBC in 2000. Reports throughout the day on financial and other industries. Emceed for Notre Dame Club of New York's Annual Universal Notre Dame Celebration, 2008. Sister of NBC reporter Anne Thompson, also a Notre Dame graduate, 1979. Now listed on Notre Dame "Notable Alumni" page with Anne, after noted only Anne was listed. Family spent considerable time in Europe; four siblings listed as donors to International School of Brussels, Belgium.

Trish Regan

Ex-CNBCer left March 2011 apparently over reassignment refusal. Born March 8, 1977, Portsmouth, N.H.; grew up in Hampton, N.H. Honors graduate, Phillips Exeter Academy. Bachelor's, U.S. History, Columbia, cum laude, 2000. Studied at New England Conservatory. Trained as opera singer. Spent one summer in Graz, Austria, at American Institute of Musical Studies. As Miss Deerfield Fair, chosen Miss New Hampshire 1993, told Jon Friedman of MarketWatch she did it "as a one-shot thing to earn money for school, and it turned out I won," competed in Miss America pageant, 1 of 3 winners in preliminary talent, did not crack Top 10 or garner swimsuit award. Worked for Goldman Sachs, D.E. Shaw & Co., Bloomberg, CBS News, Spike channel before CNBC. Speaks Spanish, Italian, German. Married investment banker James A. Ben in 2001(photo), lives in New York. Couple each made $1,000 primary donation to George W. Bush in September 1999. Couple donated to Ride for Roswell cancer fight and Harlem Educational Activities Fund, 2006-07. Announced in July 2009 she was pregnant with twins; deliveredAlexandra and Elizabeth on Dec. 8, 2009.

Melissa Francis

Actress, scholar, staunch free-market advocate, remarkably photogenic TV anchor. Born Dec. 12, 1972, Los Angeles (full name: Vini Melissa Ann Francis). As a child, known as Missy Francis, played Cassandra Cooper Ingalls in "Little House on the Prairie," also appeared in episodes of "ALF," "Mork & Mindy," "Hotel" and "St. Elsewhere." B.A., Harvard, economics, 1995. Was a researcher for MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, became reporter and anchor at several New England TV stations. Worked as reporter for CNet before joining CNBC, where she has been energy reporter and host of several shows. Known for smile, beauty, intense free-market viewpoint, tendency to badger guests, quirky segments on the porn industry. Once target ofHoward Stern tirade. According to an Aug. 29, 2007, report in N.Y. Post Page 6, was one of several CNBC female stars to complain to management about preferential treatment for Maria Bartiromo and Erin Burnett. Husband is asset manager Wray Thorn; delivered second child, baby boy, Greyson Alexander Thorn, on April 26, 2010. (Melissa Francis Twitter.)

Gary Kaminsky

CNBC co-host of "The Strategy Session," contributor to "Fast Money," original "Squawk Box" guest host. B.S. from Syracuse, radio/TV/film management, 1986; earned MBA in finance from Stern School, NYU, 1990. Analyst at hedge fund J.R.O. Associates, went to Cowen & Company in 1992. Joined Neuberger Berman, where brother Michael worked, in 1999, pair established "Team Kaminsky" with father Gerald by 2001. Described by hedge fund great Anthony Scaramuccias "arguably one of the best money managers of our generation." Critic of "closet indexing."Says "My first dream was to become a commercial airline pilot." Triathlete, 5-time finisher of NYC Marathon, scaled Kilimanjaro. Lives in Roslyn, N.Y.; wife Lori, 3 sons.

Anthony Scaramucci

Skybridge Capital founder; conscientious hedge fund visionary, CNBC contributing pundit. Born Jan. 6, 1964. B.A., economics, Tufts University, 1986 (year after David Faber), summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa. J.D., Harvard, 1989. Worked for Goldman Sachs, 1989-1996, becoming VP, 1993. Says "I was fired from Goldman a year and 5 months into Goldman. I got fired from the real estate department in February 1991. Some of it was me, I was subpar at what I did. I was probably a below-average first year investment banker." Rehired 3 months later. Co-founded Oscar Capital Management, sold to Neuberger Berman in 2001. Worked with Neuberger/Lehman through 2005. Author of Goodbye Gordon Gekko. Board member of The Lymphoma Foundation and The Brain Tumor Foundation. Heavily devoted to Tufts. Staunch advocate for brain tumor research, support; father a brain tumor survivor.

Kate Kelly

Pregnant per N.Y. Post, July 2011; CNBC Wall Street reporter, contributor to "The Strategy Session." Born in Washington, D.C. Bachelor's from Columbia College at Columbia University. Wrote for New York Observer, then Time, then joined Wall Street Journal in 2001. Worked for WSJ Money & Investing group covering New York Stock Exchange; spent time at WSJ Los Angeles bureau covering movie industry. Author of Street Fighters: The Last 72 Hours of Bear Stearns, the Toughest Firm on Wall Street. Hired at CNBC May 2010, just after maternity leave. Husband is New York Observer editor Kyle Pope. (Kate Kelly Twitter.)

Darren Rovell

CNBC sports reporter. Graduated cum laude, Northwestern, 2000, where he created sports business radio show. Known there for hustle and strategies that attracted prominent sports figures. Sent demo tapes to potential employers in largest boxes possible so as not to be ignored. Floated idea for business angle to and was rebuffed; made effective pitch to ESPN and was hired from campus. Spent 6 years with ESPN reporting on agents, stadium deals and contracts. Joined CNBC in July 2006 in part for more air time, produced a documentary on Nike. Has authored two business books. Sports lover and baseball card fanatic as a child. Completed the New York Marathon in 2004. In November 2008 marriedCortney Schlosser, a marketing manager at American Express and graduate of Syracuse. (Darren Rovell Twitter.)

Carl Quintanilla

"Squawk Box" co-anchor, prolific documentarian. B.A., political science, University of Colorado-Boulder, 1993. Reporter and columnist for Boulder Daily Camera, 1991-93. Wrote on airlines and manufacturing for the Wall Street Journal from 1994-99 in the WSJ Chicago bureau. Became correspondent for CNBC in 1999, NBC News correspondent in 2002 and appeared on "Today" and "NBC Nightly News." Covered 2004 election for NBC News. Has won an Emmy and Peabody for coverage of Hurricane Katrina. Married former CNBC/MSNBC producer Judy Chung, June 17, 2005; welcomed twin girls Ava Jane and Lily Anna on June 17, 2009.

Kayla Tausche

CNBC General Assignment Reporter. Native of Atlanta, 2004 summa graduate of Greater Atlanta Christian School, Norcross, Ga. (Still not as of August 2011 on Wikipedia's notable alumni list for school.) Bachelor's from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, majoring in business journalism and international politics, 2008. Bilingual, started in Associated Press Brussels bureau while in college, interviewed Jacques Chirac, worked for Bloomberg with Steamboat Foundation fellowship, moved to DealReporter. Interviewed Spike Lee andWhoopi Goldberg in line for iPhone. Chosen one of Rosewood Hotels and Resorts' "30 Under 30" in 2010; "manages 10 journalists, as well as 5 analysts, assigns articles, conducts research and writes articles herself." Joined CNBC January 2011.

Courtney Reagan

CNBC General Assignment Reporter; gradual, albeit impressive, climb up broadcasting ladder. Born Nov. 8, 1982. Graduate of Centerville High School (also attended by football stars A.J. Hawk, Kirk Herbstreit, Dave Preston, Andy Harmon and Mike Nugent, also actor Gordon Jump), Centerville, Ohio, 2001. Chosen Queen of Holiday at Home pageant, 2002. Bachelor's in finance and mass communication, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio; member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority (VP of Fraternal Conduct, 2004 Interfraternity Council), Habitat for Humanity, Lambda Sigma honor society. Page for NBC Universal, 2005-'06. Joined CNBC as Newsdesk Producer, 2006, then Segment Producer, then Business Headline Anchor, to General Assignment Reporter, February 2011. Pursuing MBA from NYU's Stern School, expected 2013. Member of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network of New York.

Julia Boorstin

Daughter of Paul (producer of TV documentaries) and Sharon (author) Boorstin. B.A. in history, Princeton, 2000. Worked for Vice President Al Gore's domestic policy office and U.S. State Department. Began writing for Fortune in 2000 in New York, joined CNBC in 2006 and became L.A.-based media and entertainment reporter. Married Hollywood mover and shakerWilliam Couper Samuelson in December 2007 after earlier meeting (per N.Y. Times) during a "PG-13 weekend" at the Sundance Film Festival; romance chronicled in New York Times.Known for pretty red hair and serious, no-nonsense business reporting. Gave birth to baby boy, Henry, July 13, 2011.

Carolin Schober

CNBC Europe stunner; Swiss market reporter based in Zurich. Bachelor's in international economics and finance, Tilburg University, Tilburg, Netherlands, 2007. Master's in banking and finance, University of Zurich, January 2009; thesis titled "Overestimation of one's own capabilities/Overconfidence in Management: How can hubris be identified?" Fluent in German and English. Fan of Roger Federer and Starbucks.

Diana Olick

CNBC real estate reporter; chiseled biceps. B.A. in comparative literature with a minor in Soviet Studies from Columbia College in New York, 1989, plus master's in journalism from Northwestern's Medill, 1991. Parents both lawyers in New York. Worked as TV reporter in Maine, Michigan and Seattle before joining CBS News in 1994. Joined CNBC in 2002. Based in Washington, D.C., known for provocative inquiries of real estate individuals and markets. Married to Scott Gold; has twins. Wrote book about in vitro fertilization. (Diana Olick Twitter.)

(Sources:, other cable networks online, municipal real estate records, official sources online, Wikipedia, plus information presented on CNBC and other cable television; others where noted.)

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